Success: Clallam Bay IMU Prisoners Will Keep Hot Meals

IMU: “Intensive Management Unit” aka the hole. 

The fact that prisoners are forced to spend 20-23+ hours a day isolated in their cell is enough to cause any amount of tension to boil over and its more than obvious that reducing the standard of prisoners meals in this situation would only contribute to increased tensions. Prisoners refused to compromise on the health of their already unstable and volatile environment at Clallam Bay’s Intensive Management Unit.

Prisoners at Clallam Bay were inspired by the administrative response to their planning of a strike. They were able to unite forces behind the bars across racial barriers and gang affiliation while also gathering support on the outside behind their cause. Outside supporters called into the prison seeking more information as to why prisoners meals were being restricted and how they could possible contribute to positive behavior changes and relationships in IMU. Only after a few days a new notice was sent cancelling the planned change. The incarcerated activists won!

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