Prisoners Refuse to Compromise on Food: Hunger Strike at Clallam Bay Corrections Center


via Seattle IWOC organizer Amani Sawari:

Recently inmates in Clallam Bay Corrections Center were notified that Superintendent Jeri Boe has decided that those in Intensive Management Unit (IMU) hot meals would be terminated on November 7, 2018. The decision has been made under the guise of a ‘test’ run for a violence reduction strategy. However strikers inform me that the Superintendent’s decision is, “ actually being utilized as platforms to discriminate against inmates of color, religious/social groups, political beliefs etc.” IMU inmates are being discriminated against by being fed differently from the rest of the population, “The big picture here is that this is a greedy capitalist-monopolist, prison slaver‘ist’, oppressive movement in which if we (prisoners and those free) give DOC and their investors an inch- they will take a thousand miles”.

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